The term “Creative Cultural Industry” was first coined in 2002, when creative power was employed to promote a shift in the growth of the economy. With this, a high value, sustainable, and powerful cross-industry integration was born, and became the new driving force of the world’s economic growth. The range includes 13 main industries: construction, craft, design, antiques, fashion design, music, performing arts, visual art, advertising, movies, multimedia, software, and TV broadcasting.

Asia is a land rich in creative cultural resources, yet it cannot flourish without the support for the creative community, an industrial transformation, and propaganda. Asia falls behind in all three parts as compared with Western countries who are far advanced in their creative cultural fields. However, in 2012, in a country in Asia, an organization with a mission to serve the hard workers of Asia’s creative cultural industry was born. Today, that organization is known as ArtistCommunity.Asia

To be Asia’s number one creative economic system.
为创意群体赋予经济力量,以软实力立足社会 並携手推进世界进步
To give economic power to the creative community, and to contribute to the development of the world and its inhabitants


A beginner’s mind


Innovate and Execute


Morality, Quality, Branding

四赢(客户、团队、创作者、 世界)

4 wins: Client, Team, Creators, the World


“The success of a business is not measured by the height of its market position, but by the number of people who have won as a result of its birth.”

Jeff Fan, founder of Artist Community Asia

An Advertising graduate of UTAR in the year 2008, as well as a passionate 19 year-old handcrafter, he threw himself into his craft with a dream to succeed as an artist. However, with only his craftsmanship in creating beautiful things, and no knowledge in marketing, an originally profitable venture quickly became a downfall in his crafting career. Two years of selling his creations on the streets consumed his time and energy, earning barely enough to cover the rental for his stall. He tried promoting his craft online, and was met with cold disregard for his efforts.Friends and family watched from the sidelines, waiting for the day he would admit defeat and give up on his endeavours. Even so, he stubbornly believed he would one day be seen, as long as the product is extraordinary. Heconvinced himself that he has yet to succeed because he wasn’t working hard enough, or the product just wasn’t good enough, and worked harder than ever. In three years, he had expended all his resources, and finally, exhausted the fire burning for his passion. His heart had died, and so was no longer able to create


Realising that one cannot survive with just talent alone, he left the creative industry, and asked himself, “How many people are there out there like me, with boundless talent, yet for the sake of survival in this cruel world, had no choice but to bury their dreams with their own hands?” And he dove back into the world of Advertising, and practiced transforming businesses through branding and marketing. With six years of immersive practice under his belt, he gathered his own life experiences, networks, and resources, with a mission to contribute to those like him back in the day, those with dreams of making it in life through their art and passion

With a new fire burning in his veins, he set out with a new mindset to support the survival of local art talents, and so empowering them to go after their dream life.He wrote three guidelines as the cornerstone for his business: To give economic value to creative culture, to create a unique in-house system, and to gain resources and to open sales channels. And so birthed the ArtistCommunity.Asia today, with a vision to be Asia’s number one creative economic system.


  • 入驻Kinokuniya KLCC & Pavillion Times Bookstores成立实体专柜
  • 成为全马最大共享办公室 Common Ground 的独家品牌顾问公司
  • 聚集30种才艺,逾50位文创工作者,200余种手作创意,12个月内为
  • 荣获马来西亚最大规模中文创业大赛《圆梦工厂》终极〸强的创业项目
  • Entered Kinokuniya & Times Bookstores with dedicated ARC displays.
  • Appointed Brand Advisory for Common Ground, Malaysia’s largest co-working space.
  • Gathered over 30 talents, close to 50 artists, over 200 different handmade crafts, and created over 6-digits in sales for artists in 12 months.
  • Achieved Top 10 Award in Malaysia’s largest Chinese Entrepreneurship Contest, <Dream Factory>
ARC Commmunity
ARC Commmunity
ARC Commmunity
ARC Commmunity
ARC Commmunity
  • 正式成立ArtistCommunity.Asia (由ARC GLOBAL ARTISTS SDN. BHD.持有)
    并设立办公室于Bangsar South, The Vertical Business Suite
  • 为Eco Majestic的双亲月筹办为期10天的《南洋童玩展》
  • 《富贵集团》 指定的手工皂 & 绿藻盆栽供给伙伴
  • Officially established ArtistCommunity.Asia (held by ARC GLOBAL ARTISTS SDN. BHD.), and set up office in Bangsar South, The Vertical Business Suite.
  • Planned and executed a 10-day <Nanyang Children’s Museum> for Eco Majestic, in conjunction with Parents’ Day.
  • Became Nirvana’s appointed supplier of handmade soaps and moss terrariums for their partners.



Launched the first campaign that merged creative culture with brand content, and with this campaign entered Taiwan’s <Golden Pin Design Award>.

2013 - 2015

成功入驻10家MPH旗舰店和20家Parkson Stationaries ,销售自研发的 “Deluxe Planner Series”,并成为MPH 笔记本系列的三甲销量品牌。

Entered 10 MPH stores as well as 20 Parkson Stationaries, developed a “Deluxe Planner Series”, and became one of MPH’s top 3 brands in sales volume.



(National Intellectual Property Award) 五强

Won Top 5 in Malaysia’s National Intellectual
Property Award for two consecutive years.

2010 期间

质、通路、人脉、资金运算、心智思维) ,为未来ARC的创立垫下根基

The Founder developed more than 10 different patented product designs, and gathered resources (functional concept, printing, materials, sales channels, network, cashflow, mindset) in order to establish a foundation for ARC.